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2010 and Beyond Goals

January 16, 2010

So I should begin with the big issues and changes and make my way down the list…


*As a mother I really need to pick up on my game.

I fear I have lost S. Im not sure what to do with him to get through to him. I know its probably normal but That does NOT matter to me. I need him to obey and listen and to stop whining, yelling, crying, screaming, and ignoring me! I have no idea where I went wrong BUT I have to retrace and start over.

I need to stop yelling at S.

I need to shut down the phone and pay more attention=more quality time without distractions.

I need to follow through with punishments.

I need to dance with him more.

*Work with the Lord and my husband to have a better marriage.

More communication

Better commitment

Work towards trust

Speaking each others love language

Wanting to be with each other

Placing stress, bad day, bad moods, exhaustion etc aside and be happy to see one another

* I want all of us to spend more time as a family – TOGETHER – the FOUR of US.

This of course cannot happen unless my husband decides that 1. we are IMPORTANT and 2. he needs to get out of bed.

* I want us to spend more time outside – hands on learning.

More walks

More aquarium, zoos, trusts etc.

* I want to get rid of most of the toys

Throw away the junk ones

Donate some

Put others away for rainy days.

* I want to raise my children knowing their maker and loving Jesus.

Knowing scripture

Knowing what it means to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

* I want us ALL to start living a healthier life

Eating better – more naturally instead of processed


Remembering to brush S’s teeth at night

More positive attitudes

*I need to start writing again

*I’d like us to take vacations – mini ones that wouldn’t cost much

*Make my husband proud and honored to call me his wife

* Be more social and not hermits

*Lost weight

*Get S into some program whether it be 2 mornings a week at the Mustard Seed or Little Gym…

* Get S potty trained!!!! NOW!!!!

* Plant trees with my family

*Mission trips

*Walk in:


A field of DAISIES

A beautiful, hardly traveled, wooded spot

*Own a house of our own

*Stop complaining and be happy

Count my blessings

Look at all of the good

Talk with God

* See the REDWOODS


*Return to ENGLAND

Visit Ireland

*Get my novel finished

*Breathe deeply

*Return to YOGA

*Once a week, maybe once a month

Do something that makes ME happy


I don’t want to be afraid to laugh anymore


I don’t want to be afraid to dance anymore


I don’t want to be afraid to talk anymore

*Stand up

I don’t want to be afraid to stand up for what I believe in or what I think is right


I will not let ANYONE walk all over me anymore.

* Learn to say NO

*Make more friends – real wholesome friends



Help more people that are in more need than I am


Let go …. Physically, mentally, materially.


You are you. You are still somewhere in there. You are BEAUTIFUL! You are a wonderful Mother, Wife, Friend, Person. You are the “hippie” and the “yuppie”. You are natural. You are Fun. You are a lover, a laugher, a dancer, a talker. You are special and worthy of love and affection.


Family trips:

*Great swamp

*Statue place in Hamilton

* waterfalls


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