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Birds of Change

January 19, 2010

After his nap yesterday I snuck him outside while the baby slept.

It was gorgeous…50degrees and hardly breezy.

He analyzed and “counted” the ladybugs outside as if they were completely different than the ones that we have inhabiting OUR home.

Then I threw the ball to him and watch his little arms stretched out in front of him ready to catch.

Watched his eyes light up because Mama was taking the time.

Smiled at his laugh when Mama RAN after the ball in the field.

It was amazing – and I FELT GOOD!

And God was there, right there with us, watching, listening, smiling.

He sent me a message.

Birds, the small black ones that live in packs of hundreds and all fly at the same time, those birds flew across the sky.

I live on a horse farm and often see them all over – tons and tons of them.  I love them.  I love watching them and hearing them.  It makes my heart skip a beat.


yesterday it was more intense.



whole minutes

these birds created a path in the sky.  They came up over the barn, over the garage and over us towards the East.

They kept flying….a never ending stream of God’s love, of God’s approval.

Every time we thought that the end of the line was upon us…more and MORE flew overhead!

Looking towards where they were headed I notice them moving like a snake, slithering through the sky.

It was amazing!

Their tiny wings working together creating a sweet hum like a fan that brings sweet relief in the dead of summer.

I was touched.

I felt God standing next to me…

You did good Kid! “

Thanks Father.

I heard what He had to tell me.


We played for a little while after that singing and making up more stories.

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