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January 20, 2010

I have always been a sucker for hands.
I always look at people’s hands, even unconciously.

Hands tell you a lot about a person.
Whether they work with their hands or not….their personality, etc.

I fell in love with my husbands hands 14 years ago. They are MANly yet soft, gentle.

I love my boys’ hands.

Ethan’s little infant hands have long fingers, they are gentle like his father’s.

Sebastian’s hands are large, larger than him. They are full of stengrh and purpose. They will teach and help him do many great and wonderful things.

AND yet,

I can’t help but look at their hands and know that one day those hands will hold thier brides’ hands during vows, hold thier newborns as tears roll off their cheeks and land on the crease between the thumb and pointer fingers.

BUT now I, presently

They knock pins over, draw and build. They are great gor hugs, high fives, and blowing kisses.

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