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January 21, 2010

I’m hooked!

Truth be told…I was hooked when Sebastian was born as well but I had trouble when he was colicky and the snugli felt odd – foreign even.

But I am LOVING it this time around!!

Not only does it make me feel closer to Ethan but it feels more natural…like I’m doing it right this time.

(Same with breastfeeding – I am so glad that I am able to nurse Ethan.)

I have a beautiful Peanut Shell sling but I think E is too big to be cradled in it and too little to sit.

I want to get a moby and a ring sling next.


After E was born 6 weeks ago I didn’t think I wanted another BUT now……well now I know I am not done.  I still want to wait 3-5 years but I still want more WEE ones around.

I look at E and time is slipping by – and fast too.He isn’t going to be infant much longer and he’ll be nearly a toddler at a blink of an eye.

I can’t take it!  Why can’t they stay bambinos longer – curl up to us a little longer???

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