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Multitude Mondays {1-10}

February 1, 2010

holy experience

1 ~ watching my babies eyes follow me around the room and then seeing his gorgeous smile

2 ~ hearing sebastian’s laugh change everyday

3 ~ Sebastian now saying bless you when someone sneezes or ” oh sorry mom”

4 ~ for a friend who offered to watch my boys (along with her 2 girls and baby boy) while husband and I went out for our anniversary

5 ~ for full moons that light up the world, and my stairs so that I can see in the middle of the night

6 ~ the golden sun that brightens ip the living room. It makes me feel like it’s spring. So I close my eyes, and imagine green grass, leaves, babbling brooks, birds chirping

7 ~ for my husband that bought mevthe coffee maker I wanted so that I can have that EARLY morning coffee without waiting till 10…and the warn fuzzy sage colored blanket he bought me to go with it 🙂

8 ~ for my friend that sent me the recipe for Moo Tea – yuummy(whenever I figure out how to link something I will link it here)

9 ~ for waking up each morning. Getting another chance. Thank you Lord for believing in me when sometimes I don’t believe in myself

10 ~ for the excitment on all the craft idea brewing in my noggin.

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