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Come Find Me & Mini Mommy Vaca

February 5, 2010

{I am going to try to post this again. I wrote this huuuuge post but my fingers fumbled on my phone’s app and it was gone…just like that…grrr technology!}

So my aunt just left a little while ago with Sebastian. The next day or two are my mini mommy Vacation….it doesn’t happen often and who knows when it will happen again. I don’t even know when the last time I got to sleep in was. I have just been on the Mommy go since…since….well I guess for the last 2 1/2 years.

But now that Ethan is here, and the cold is here (not really conducive for an infant) and S has has a cold…well we have been at each others throats. Just add one tired and stressed mama to a high maintenance 2 year old, stir together and let bake for two months and you can spell AHHHHHHH.

So, he’s gone for at least tonight. maybe two. I get to sleep in – or at least go back to sleep after Ethan eats. WAHOOOOO


Then I can clean, organize, nap, bake bread, and maybe even get to the thrift store ( that I would never dare take S). The possibilities are endless….

But for right now….

It’s just Ethan and me. Reading, Writing, hopefully going to bed soon – very soon.

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