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30 Days of Beauty: Day 1

February 7, 2010

30 Days of Beauty

Peeking sun

Sebastian thought the fish was beautiful. I loved the colors in this small seafood shack.

The BEAST awoke
way before dawn.

Showed his yellow teeth
raised his awful claws.

The BEAST slept
way past sunset.

Disappearing long
before they could get close.

Sebastian came home today from his weekend away. I’m excited to see him, I missed him but it was nice and quiet. I’m not sure why but he acts aweful when he is with me ( someone once told me that I’m doing something right if he acts good when with others).

Need to stay strong…
Need to not give in….

We did have a lovely time out with my aunt today. It ended up being a beautiful day with blue skies and it even warmed up a bit.

I just wish Papa would wake up and spend time with us.

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