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Max Monday

February 8, 2010

holy experience

11 – For warm bathmats under cold feet

12 – Fresh baked bread brought to kind neighbors

13 – Family that knows when I need a break, and takes Sebastian for a sleepover weekend – he needed the time away too!

14 – The sun streaming down on Sebastian’s face this morning, making us both smile.

15 – Time spent in his tent – or where the wild things are – I now call him Max (See Pictures Below)

A Photo Challenge

Yay for beautiful and really cheap shoes…they’re here! 🙂
And the bread cane out beautifully!!

I love my boys’ dancing feet!

I love film, especially plastic toy cameras. I like how each picture is random and different. I miss the joy and excitement that would come with development – the surprise.


It’s hard to get film developed in this digital age :(.

So guess my excitement when I came across this iPhone app this afternoon:

When Sebastian woke up from his nap we went into his tent and played. I call him Max now for many reasons (all of which you could probably guess).

The following pictures were taken with the new camera app of our wild thing adventure…

This turtle, well I think that it may just be the most wild thing of all!

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