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Snowy Yoga

February 10, 2010

After getting a decent amount of sleep last night I was awoken before the crack of dawn by a toddler wanting to know where blankie was.

A dreary day ( for me at least ). A blizzard in the works ( not a fan of snow ).

Ethan was happy after he woke up. I’m not sure what is going on lately. He’s been quite cranky for almost a week now. I’m not eating gassy foods and the only thing that is different is I haven’t been drinking Moo Tea. So I bought more seeds last night and brewed a couple of quarts.

While the tea was brewing, I did some yoga. Sebastian was ready to join me this morning and it was a beautiful sight watching him. And Ethan was content in his bouncy seat looking at us like we were crazy.

A Photo Challenge</div

My aunt told me I should try Chard. So yesterday I bought red chard. It is so gorgeous!!! And yummy… Maybe I should make a kale and chards salad…

Husband made a fire in our fireplace this afternoon…so nice and cozy for our blizzard.

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