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February 12, 2010

These are Sebastian and Papa’s snowman and igloo from last night…cool huh?

Today was S’s 2 1/2 month checkup and Ethan’s 2 month. E has GERD just like S did. So Dr. Kitchen ( as S calls her) prescribed Pepcid.

I waited for what felt like forever at the pharmacy. The pharmist(who has been my pharmist all my life told me that E is not covered on my Medicaid and gave me a number to call. I couldn’t even afford what it cost out of pocket. So it went down something like this:

“Meghan, this costs $200 without insurance”. He walks to the side placing the medicine my baby needs on a shelf. Not even giving me the option to pay for it.

I nod, tears swelling my eyes.

“but he needs it”

Blinking and looking at him I slowly and fadingly keep repeating: “But he needs it”

I’m not sure if it was pity, compassion, understanding or just a tough luck kid look on his face but I walked out of there feeling defeated and helpless.

I walked into my Grandmother’s house where I had left both boys and broke down in tears. I wasn’t able to give my son something that would help him and to top it off I fell to my knees confessing that I had no more windshield washer fluid and couldn’t see out the window. (Funny but true)

Sebastian came over to me. Not understanding any of my babbling on about insurance and such but he understood my tears, my sadness, my helplessness and he scooped me up in a big hug…I felt so much better!

After a few more errands we went to the bookstore where I found a great sewing book which gave me a ton of ideas and this fabulous find, bargained at $3.99!

And I saw this book which I must read SOON:

Sebastian was excited that my aunt bought him the matching rainboots to his raincoat:

I came downstairs after putting S to bed to find Papa playing with E in the swing. E was smiling and laughing watching Papa make the fish jump. I love watching him play with the boys. It’s so heartwarming. So beautiful!

How sweet is his smile?

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