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Week OH Slow Week

February 19, 2010

We have a busy yet unproductive week here. In fact we are going a little stir crazy. Craving Spring in all it’s GLORY. It’s been cold and the snow… :::sigh:::

Here is a small look at our week:

Sebastian picked this frame out to paint for Papa’s birthday…he worked so hard on it.

We stirred the brownies with love and kisses.

This pillow fight…was SO much fun!

Ethan got dressed up to go to Papa’s birthday dinner…and discovered the singing and moving giraffe. (He is more alert this week)

Boots were left in the middle of the walkway.

The fish bowl was cleaned and robots were drawn.

Smiles were given and hats were found.

Yesterday I took his slide out of the closet and found this article in my aunt’s magazine…making me want more veggies and whole foods…AND I really like the picture isn’t it cute?

So Sebastian leaves today for his biweekly sleepover. Me, well I get to have some Meghan time ( only partly mommy time since Ethan will still be at home but he sleeps all of the time still).

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