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I Now Realize…

February 20, 2010

Sebastian is at his sleepover and me…well I just got finished taking a bath. A much desired bath I might add!

I bought Burts Bees bath salts, I made a body scrub out of olive oil and salt, made a honey mask, lit two candles and filled the tub. Perfect.

Well almost. It would have been perfect if the water was warm and not draining and if I didn’t hear the baby crying downstairs.


I enjoyed it and loved it all the same (might take a warm one tomorrow).

Physically, I grooved to my music, became one with the water..I forgot how much I liked playing with my hands in the water. I BREATHED!

Spiritually, I starred into the flickering candle. I looked at my faith and at me. Lately my faith has been flickering just like that candle. It’s not my beliefs but myself. I haven’t been true to ME. Aside from being a mom, I have been someone that I am not. Not intentionally, and it’s not a bad thing but I tried to be who I wasn’t.

So, recently I have been turning to God ( in a way) and inward. Seeking myself. And I am finding her. That part of me that I always turned to when I was low or depressed or in Spring. The only difference now is that I have faith and MUCH more experience under my belt.


Before I left S with his aunt we went to the bookstore where I got that book on trees – I REALLY love trees – that I saw last week.

Here is a smile or two for you…

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