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Crying Sun

February 23, 2010

The other day it was actually sunny here! Can you believe it?! Sebastian and I hung out on my bed, opened all of the curtains(papa and I sleep in s sun room), and took are the ones from my phone…

So invigorating, so refreshing!

We also went outside and Sebastian played with neighbor while Papa went to buy his plasma tv.

Yesterday was tough. S was in rare form!! Very early in the morning I took the boys to walmart to get fabric and he was so awful!! I did manage to get some fat quarters for Ethan’s quilt but not for the birdy hanger because no one was around to cut that fabric and the way S was acting I didn’t have time to find someone.

I then went to my moms waiting for my aunt to get home so she could go grocery shopping with me. But Ethan cried for most of the day. The night before he was uncomfortable as well. It seems it’s getting worse and we still can’t get a hold if Medicaid! How ridiculous is healthcare? My son needs this medication to ease his pain and discomfort and he can’t get it because no one can give us a straight answer!

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