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March 8, 2010

Puddles are good for jumping in:
Method: crowtch real low
Goal: make the biggest splash!

Snow is good for throwing:
Method: gather 2 handfuls into a ball
Goal: to throw it as far as possible
and to make a possible splash

Sticks are good for hitting and poking:
Method: find a sturdy stick
Goal: beat everything with it until
it breaks

Sebastian discovered his boyhood yesterday. The weather was finally warm and so Papa and I brought the boys out.
S jumped in every puddle getting himself quite muddy. He also threw rocks, sticks, snow into the water to 1. Get it as far out as he could and 2. To see the rings it made and besides, who doesn’t love throwing things into the water?!

He also had a blast running through the tunnel…

And the stick again…while questioning every passerby…

The last one was Sebastian discovering trees and trying to figure out how to climb them.

He also spent a lot of time with Papa which made his day!

I love how this last one looks like they are dancing together!

The next two..Papa climbed a tree. S got a kick out of it – you should have heard his laugh! But then he told Papa to get out of the tree. And when papa didn’t…well then he started chopping down the tree..with a stick.

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