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{ that } Mom

March 27, 2010

Have you ever been { that } mom?

You know the moms…the ones with no control over their kids…the ones completly stressed out ready to throw in the towel for the day….the ones that have kids that don’t listen and do as they please?

Today, I. Was. { that } Mom.

This morning was bad enough but this afternoon :::gasp::::!!!

We went to a birthday party. Most, if not all of the kids were older than Sebastian. I wore Ethan and let S run around with them…ok.

Then the animal guy came. Yup. All the kids sitting nicely…mine? Mine nearly refused to sit and INSISTED on standing next to the guy showing various critters.

A few of the moms I know tried to help but in the end I handed Ethan over and took S to the car for a chat and a diaper change.

And when everyone went indoors I had a crying hungry baby and a preschooler who was untrustworthy and yea so the baby was crying as I got S settled with cake. Fed Ethan but found myself alone with no one to talk to.

This seems to be much of my life around here. I need to find me some new and some old friends.

Yes I am shy, that doesn’t help.

So that was my day of being { that } mom.

Have you ever been her? Tell me about it…

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