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Play Food and Children’s Diets

March 31, 2010

Since I started working out with a trainer this month I have also been paying more attention to my diet.

::::::I am loving working out again. On my off days I walk or try running but you know those shin splints. Last week and this week I haven’t done anything on my off days because I developed tendinitis in my knees ( I also have patella syndrome). But the energy is amazing and I’m loving me some crunches!::::::::

Before I started, I switched my family to less processed foods and more whole foods…yay Chris hasn’t complained yet but I guess that’s because I’m still making meat for him.

I have never been a candy and junk food type of person. At picnics and parties I raid the veggie dish and leave the chips.

Towards the end of my pregnancy with Ethan and now I crave veggies and fruit.

I want to instill this in my children…lead by example. Sebastian loves his kitchen and playfood. That’s all he needs ( and a trampoline). We say he’s going to be a great chef one day. You should see what he comes up with! Yum!!

Yesterday morning I was playing with him in said kitchen and realized something. Now keep on mind he only has two sets of playfood( I am going to make wooden and felted ones for him).
There is a considerable amount of junk food in them!

This is one of his kitchen drawers filled with hot dogs, potato chips, and french fries. Not included are the donuts, dessert,etc.

We made two piles….

There is by far more junkie type foods then not.

But we went through and I quized him just as Jamie Oliver did in Food Revolution. I am proud to say that my 2 1/2 year old knew just about every veggie and fruit there was! I was impressed on what he knew. Go Sebastian…did I mention he asks for raw carrots now and wants to try my lettuce? Oh yeah!

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