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Frick N Frack

April 12, 2010

Wow it’s been awhile since I have been here. The week went by so fast and we had many visits from family that we don’t see all that often.

Let’s see…where to begin…

I have had many challenges with my diet this week. I started drinking homemade green smoothies and Sebastian and I are both loving them!

They are wonderful and I eat less when I drink them. I also have been eating avocados, bell peppers and tomatos in lettuce wraps for lunch and lost four pounds in a few days! Wahoo!

I went cold turkey on a raw diet a couple of years ago and loved it but it was to pricey. So I am going at it more slowly this time.

Let’s see my dad who is not in our lives stopped by with 2 Easter baskets full of chocolate! Aside from the “good try that was really nice of you” and “im trying to get S to forget what candy is” and “hmm yea four month old + chocolate = no good” mentality it was my addiction. Ugh. A basket not Sebastians full of the yummy goodness.

I was good though…only ate a few…and gave Ethan’s basket away.

He loves being in trees!

He’s reaching for toys and is so close to rolling over 🙂

My niece and her husband were up from VA and she helped me put dreads in. I had them years ago and let’s just say that they look better now than they did then 🙂

Ethan likes holding on to my hand so I made this (or designed and my grandmother sewed it for me since my hands were full)…

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