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Knick knack

April 20, 2010

Looking at this photo one would not know of all the confusion, pain, and anger this little girl is in. She appears happy enough to be eating cake at a birthday party.

BUT all the aweful stuff happening at home doesn’t stop her from smiling…from enjoying her time away from the nightmaric chaos at home.

Her ability to smile here shapes her future…allows her to smile through all future pain. Allows her to push through roadblocks to get done what really needs to be done. It also helps hide who she really is and makes it harder for her to find herself in the future…but she will. She will struggle to stay who she really us and to nit hide again. BUT she will.

Ethan had his first playdate with his second cousin last week. He is 2 months older than Ethan. AND it was adorable…Sebastian…well he was the baby whisperer that afternoon.

This makes me smile everyday. Ethan won’t eat because he just wants to gaze up at his big brother.

We ate in this adorable town. I drove out there for a raw cafe but it was shut down šŸ˜¦

Sunday morning Sebastian fell and hit the coffee table. He busted his lip open and needed two stitches. He was a champ, so brave. I can imagine just how terrifying it must have been. He hasn’t allowed me to take a picture but here he is in the papoose.

Did I mention that yesterday we had no struggles!!! It was a great day…he was good and didn’t fight me at all…wahooo!!! Now if I could get Ethan to sleep and not wake up all night…

Here’s hoping for another good day…cheers!


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