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a long time

June 2, 2010

The Man Tree

Hellllloooooooo world!

I have been away from this space for FAR.TOO.LONG.

It has just been so hard with the baby and figuring out what to do about Sebastian.

I took the boys on their first vacation to Williamsburg.  It was great and S sort of GOT it.

At the VA zoo

Ethan Spit up down my shirt.AS.I.Took.Pitcture

Water Fun

There have been some deep SOUL searching going on in my MIND.BODY.

When I only had one child, I would hear other mothers talk about losing themselves.  I didn’t get it.  I was a mom and still knew myself.  AND then Ethan was born.


I had in fact lost myself at some point with only Sebastian.  BUT now I realize I need to be the AUTHENTIC me.  Not only for MYSELF but also for





I also have come to the bitter realization of just how LONELY I am.

I have friends…that I see every few months.  But there is a DISCONNECT with the area that I live in and my soul.

I want to MOVE ON.  But financially, and logically right now we cannot.


We took Sebastian ROCK Climbing for the first time…He liked it but I think it was overwhelming for him.

Ethan is beginning to move from infancy into older baby = one sad mama.  I am taking it all in because it will be awhile before we have another.


On my way into town this morning I was loving the sun hitting the trees and the misty air from the humidity….GORGEOUS!

Did I mention I am loving summer this year….I have never liked the extreme heat/humidity but for some reason this year my body is craving it 😉

I am off to find a skirt….

What are you loving this summer?

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