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November 16, 2010

Lately my soul has felt heavy, overwhelmed. My spirit sometimes wants to jump. Jump out of the chaos, the hurt, the mainstream. It’s hard being a two sided mirror.
It’s hard wanting to live a life, provide a life for your family when you can’t afford to.

Before having kids my husband and I were on the same page when it came to raising our children. What we wanted them to play with – no plastic battery operated toys, no brands: Disney, nick jr. Etc. We wanted them outdoors, using nature and their imaginations.
Well somewhere in the business of life and marketing schemes we fell victim. Or rather our children did.

Our eldest looks for the on button.

The baby chews on all the toys, plastic toys which do not announce on the packaging that it is BPA free, lead free, etc.

Our pantry again is full of not awful foods but not necessarily the best, wholesome foods.

So, I have started purging. We are getting rid of all of the plastic, unimaginative toys.

Making life simple.

The house and our lives less chaotic.

There will be books, wooden blocks, wooden cars, puzzles, play scarves, river stones, sticks and such that they can play with.

I wrote on Ethan’s first birthday invitation not to buy him anything but if the individual felt the need to I gave them sites to buy from. Some may say that it is rude but why buy something that I am just going to turn around and get rid of?

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