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Growth in the Wind

November 20, 2010

Short and Stout
Is how you stood.

Long and Lanky
Is how you stand.

Baby, when do you grow?

Is it when the sun meets the moon,
when stars blink at night?

Or is it with every passing cloud?

Baby, when did you grow?

Was it inch by inch,
stretching out with each jump?

Or was it with each fleeting glimpse, each shiny smile?

I have noticed recently how tall Sebastian has gotten. I am not sure when but it happened. He looked so out of place in the baby swings yesterday. I called him spider legs.

I feel change in every breath of the wind.
God is placing some big things on my heart that I will share once I figure them all out.

The boys are going through many changes and we are struggling with each other. We will get through it though.

I find myself craving, needing space. A time of quiet. A time of solitude.

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